Contract manufacturing of mechanical parts and kits of high precision

Contract manufacturing of mechanical parts and kits of high precision

Customised production


Precizika Metal manufactures highly precise mechanical parts and kits of stainless steel and steel, aluminum, titanium, molybdenum, brass, copper parts and plastic including customers‘ trusted materials.

Protocolled manufacturing precision may reach up to the tolerance zones 3-4 and tolerances +/- 2,5 microns.

We focus on production of small and medium size batches.

The company processes 15 CNC turning and milling machines (see the list).

To secure entire process technologically there are also present manual milling, turning, grinding, lapping and drilling, welding, sandblasting in the machine plant.

Quality control

Quality of products is monitored by the engineers – metrologists in the in-house quality control laboratory.

The quality control department is equipped with 2 CMM machines, enabled by PC-Dmis software, and various high-precision equipment.

Continuous quality control is performed during manufacturing process and measuring the final product according to the pre-set volume of samples per batch.

The quality protocols and accurate measurement registries including material certificates secure full traceability of the product and are available upon agreement.

Supply chain management services 

Precizika Metal manages the entire supply chain management process:

  • the purchase of components and services: coating, welding, sheet metal, heat treatment, etc,
  • management of subcontractors,
  • assembly,
  • logistics.

You buy one item number and get a complete unit.

Micro and macro assembly of kits

Precizika Metal offers micro and macro assembly of mechanical kits.

We are ready to assemble the kits according to your specifications and BOMs, which may include customized, standard or trusted components. We will take care of producing and procuring the components as well as maintaining the component stocks.

Entrust your assembly to Precizika Metal and spare on administration and manufacturing of your kits and final products.