About us

About us

Our History

Our history dates back to 1961 when an affiliate to R&D institute ENIMS was established in Vilnius, Lithuania to design and manufacture precise metal processing machinery and metrological equipment and instruments of high precision. Throughout the decades we developed and perfected into a company of precise machining for high-tech industries with proven manufacturing history and technological expertise.


Currently Precizika Metal core business is production of customized complex mechanical solutions of high precision for high-tech industries.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facility we serve our customers from measuring industry with focus on spectrometry to machine construction, automation and robotics, aviation, medical equipment industry, optics and lasers worldwide.

Thanks to manufacturing quality that lasts Precizika Metal gained trust of its long-term customers, located in both USA and Europe: Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, France, UK.

Precizika Metal is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standard thus secures quality management, clear manufacturing procedures and production traceability at every step.


Launched continuous investment program aims to maintain and strengthen the company’s production plant and to focus on our ability to deliver highly precise and complex mechanical items produced of wide range of materials: from metals to plastics.

The company management is dedicated to constant development of the company culture and its staff members, who have 10+ years of experience, engineering background and high technological skills.